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  K4JDR 10 M Beacon

.....Click on the UHF Link System Repeater List above to see the repeater locations and frequencies that are on the air linked and connected to Raleigh East Coast Reflector 9210................................The CAROLINA 440 NET is held each Monday night at 7:30 PM on the Carolina 440 UHF Link System ..........................The Say good morning to radio net is held Mon-Sat at 10:00 AM until 10:34 AM...............









The UHF repeaters are used for local SKYWARN Administration and if the need arises for any emergencies related to SKYWARN and ARES. 
The Carolina 440 UHF Link System is designated for Local and Coastal SKYWARN Administration.  The Coastal Link System could be activated if the need arises during severe weather to exchange useful information from the coastal areas surrounding Wilmington, Castle Hayne, Holly Ridge and Topsail Island to the National Weather Service offices including passing information to the NWS here in Raleigh, N.C.  

The IRLP and EchoLink System provides additional linking capabilities for other agencies such as the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL. during severe weather across the Nation.  The KD4RAA, 146.775 VHF System is also a dedicated system that is used for the VoIP Skywarn Net activities with the Raleigh Reflector 921. The VoIP Weather Net  site  can be viewed at:  http://www.voipwx.net 

On October 3, 2002 Hurricane Lili was the first IRLP - Hurricane/Skywarn net. using our 
East Coast Reflector 9210
 in Raleigh, N.C.

Click here to see the Raleigh NWS Newsletter


Public Codes and Auto patch

Public Codes and the Emergency * 911 auto patch on the UHF system is available on the full time Link through all of the participating repeaters.  Other features include a Private Auto Patch and other Private functions by members only.  The system is an open repeater system for use at anytime by any licensed amateur and the auto patch can be used with the assistance of a control operator if one would like to make a call.  The Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Clayton, Coats and Wendell area repeaters can be used for the local phone patch.  Emergency auto patch can be used from any repeater.  We use 100 Hz PL because of occasional interference and to make use of linking functions in the systems engineering. If you are from another area and desire to use the IRLP-VoIP linking while in its coverage area, feel free to contact a Control Operator while here or e-mail in advance to K4JDR  to assist you.

The Public functions include:                                                                       
Emergency Auto patch to Raleigh 911, transfers emergency calls to other Cities and Counties in the coverage areas including the NC State Highway Patrol.

Time and Temp ( * 4 5 6
90 second Weather Broadcast ( * 4 5

A signal meter check can be done into the
441.725 Hub Repeater as well if you are in its coverage area, the code is: S- Meter ( * 3 2 )  Other repeaters on the link when entering this code will give you the link radios signal report into the Hub only.

CLICK HERE for more technical info and pictures of the Carolina 440 UHF Link System.


WNG-706 / 162.450 mhz Garner, NC                      EAR 5120


SAME Weather Radio Alerts (Raleigh System)

There is a MTS, EAR-5120 NOAA Weather Radio receiver interfaced into the UHF Hub repeater system operating on 162.450 Mhz.  The  NOAA transmitter is located in Auburn, N.C. between Garner and Clayton on the WRAL-TV Tower and is considered the Garner weather transmitter.  It has an ERP of 920 Watts and its antenna pattern is directed to the southeast toward Goldsboro.  It can be accessed on the UHF link system by a  public user code to hear a 90 second weather broadcast by entering touch tone * 4 5When the weather receiver is monitoring in the muted alert mode, and if a signal is lost over ten seconds on the receivers primary channel (162.450 Channel 3), a secondary Channel will be switched to (162.550 Channel 7), This transmitter is located near Chapel Hill, N.C.  on the WUNC-TV Tower.   This can be reset remotely by a member of the user group when the primary channel is back on the air.  The weather receiver is made by MTS in Clayton, N.C. and it has SAME   (Specific Area Message  Encoding) technology and  the 162.450 mhz on the MTS receiver activates  during  selected warnings in the following four Counties in RED and the Garner transmitter covers the remaining Counties also and they are:


Franklin, Harnett, Johnston, Nash, Wake, Wayne and Wilson 
Additional service areas are Durham, Granville, Person 
and Vance.


The SAME Warnings are:  Tornado Warning,  Flash Flood Warning, Shearon-Harris Alert, Radiological Hazard,  Civil  Danger, Missing Child Statement-Amber Alert, Required Weekly and  Monthly test. Amber Alert should be on line in the future.  More info on Amber Alert can be found at this web site:   http://codeamber.org 


SAME Weather Radio Alerts (Down East System)

The Down East System is using a CAT WX-1000 SAME alert weather radio interfaced in to the Kinston Hub.  The NOAA weather alerts will broadcast on the Kinston, Kornegay, Fountain, New Bern, Newport and Stacy repeaters.  The weather alerts originate from the Newport NWS office and are transmitted from a tower near  New Bern on 162.400 mhz 
(Channel 1) The Counties with alerts include:

Lenoir, Pitt, Greene, Jones, Duplin, Onslow, Graven, Beaufort, Carteret and Pamlico.

The SAME Warnings are: Tornado Warning,  Flash Flood Warning, Coastal Flooding, Thunderstorm Warning and Hurricane Warning.
for Live WX @ NC 50 / NC 42 & live NOAA broadcast on 162.450


Click one of these to do a map with  Map Blast  or  Map Quest.



Est. Mobile coverage / Tower locations 



           Coverage Maps





Linking System at the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks/ K4OBX,  442.4250+ 100 PL repeater IRLP Node 8536 is located on the water tank at Buxton and the K4OBX Bodie Island, NC 444.125 + 100 PL repeater IRLP Node 8243 is connected full time to the Raleigh System by a VoIP link on IRLP Reflector 921 Channel 0.

We also have a ability to the link K4OBX, 444.925+ 131.8 PL Repeater on Hatteras Island with EchoLink Node 2003 and the Columbia 442.725 + 131.8 PL with EchoLink Node 2014.  

The Outer Banks has IRLP linking on VHF as well.  IRLP Node 8270 in Buxton, NC  146.625 -131.8 PL


                          Click Here
for a Outer Banks frequency list.



          Linking Plans for Interoperable Communications


(Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio)

The 441.725+ 100 PL repeater is the Backbone Hub for the UHF Link System, IRLP 4270 and EchoLink 42704, its  controller is what supports the auto patch and other advanced functions for the Carolina 440 Raleigh Link System.  This system is what we call our Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio, VISAR©We have provided a list of the "Repeaters on the Link" with their geographical location to guide you on what repeater would be best for you, based on your location.   The future plans are to link several more repeaters by the RF Link and use the Voice Over IP Link system to further extend repeaters that are out of the RF Coverage areas.  There are three systems that can be connected all together, the Coastal Link System repeater is in Clinton and can be linked on demand and the Down East Link System repeater is located in Kinston and usually is connected to the Coastal System.  See the repeater list for the frequencies that are on the systems.  For further info on VISAR© go to this URL:  http://www.carolina440.net/VISAR.htm      

Experimentation on other UHF linking possibilities will take place and it is subject to change.  We are going to try and cover as much as we can to the Raleigh backbone hub.  The W4SNA Winston Salem Link System is linked through our VoIP on Reflector 921 Channel 0 every day at 0800 hrs to 2200 hrs except for the Good Morning net at 1000 hrs for approximately 1 hour Monday thru Saturday, and Friday nights during a net at 2130 hrs. The Charlotte Metrolina areas Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio System (NC HEARS) is also under construction and will have the ability to link as well using RF and VoIP.  To see more on the NC HEARS go to the web at: www.nchears.org  The Outer Banks Repeaters will also be part of the Voice Over IP Links.  



Membership Donations

Anyone wishing to use the Private features of the repeaters are asked to contribute for Full Membership at $25.00 per year to go to the telephone interconnect and equipment fund and will be given an auto-dial slot with a private user code list including IRLP Link Codes.  $ 30.00 Family and $15.00 Associate Member, More Info can be obtained by e-mailing 
K4JDR at juno.com and sending this on-line application by US mail e-mail.

Any local clubs are welcome to use the repeaters at special events located in any of the coverage areas, even if they want to use it partially to eliminate radio traffic on a primary Simplex or along with another Repeater that is being used.  We can isolate each repeater so that it can be used independently or combined with the ones needed for coverage.

 *911 Emergency auto patch is available at any time.  

If you are from another State or area and desire to use the IRLP-VoIP linking while in its coverage area, feel free to contact a control operator while here or e-mail in advance to  K4JDR  to assist you. 

Operating Guidelines can be viewed at this URL: http://www.carolina440.net/operating_guidelines.htm 

On-Line Application Form

Ronnie J. Casey; K4JDR
SECN President
4 Angie Road
Raleigh, N.C.  27603-7336









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