Linking Plans for Interoperable Communications

( Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio )

The 441.725+ 100 PL repeater is the Backbone Hub for the Carolina 440 UHF Link System and VoIP system (IRLP), its controller is what supports the auto patch and other advanced functions for the Carolina 440 Link System.  This system is what we call our Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio, VISARWe have provided a list of the "Repeaters on the Link" with their geographical location to guide you on what repeater would be best for you, based on your location.   The future plans are to link several more repeaters by RF Link and use the Voice Over IP Link on the Raleigh IRLP Reflector 921 Channel 0 for multiple connections.  This will further extend the link system out of the RF Coverage. 

This VoIP technology can also be used with the emergency communications vehicles such as the CISCO, Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERV).  We have three systems that can be linked all together, the Raleigh System has the backbone hub for RF Linking and VoIP network.  

EchoLink Node# 42704 is also used on the system for VoIP connections.   


The Carolina 440 UHF Link System would not be possible if it were not for our generous benefactors for Tower and System Space.

American Tower
Anser Quik of Morehead City, NC
Beacon Communications, Wilmington, NC
City of Durham, NC
Clear Channel Radio
Communications Structures of Durham, NC
Communications Specialist of Raleigh and Wilmington, NC
County of Johnston / Smithfield, NC
County of Sampson / Clinton, NC
Crown Castle
Duke Progress Energy
Global Tower Partners
Musten Communications, Raleigh, NC
Piedmont Communications of Durham, NC
Stan Lee, Clayton, NC
Triple A Towers of Athens, TN (Past Contributor) 
Town of Cary, NC
Town of Holly Springs, NC

Thank you so much for your Community support.

If not for you these Charities would not receive the 
much needed funding to survive, THANKS for being a 
part of the community team and the efforts to assist us.

American Cancer Society

American Diabetes Association

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Special Olympics

Raleigh Rescue Mission

Tammy Lynn Foundation

Johnston County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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