N4HAJ Repeaters 
                                          Serving the the Down East NC area       



                                              < Additions are Under Construction >



                442.000+  88.5  PL
         N4HAJ Repeater 
  Kinston, NC (Down East Hub)

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                      442.075+  100  PL
            N4HAJ Repeater      

                New Bern, NC



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          444.825+  88.5  PL 
        N4HAJ  Repeater  

     Newport/Morehead, NC 



This is the new Kenwood TKR-850 with a CAT-250 Controller and
a GE Ranger link radio running 60 watts to make the distance to 



This was the Kenwood desktop UHF 15 Watt first repeater for Newport, N.C.  This 
was in test mode until the new permanent repeater was put on the site.  The first 
system was on the air the afternoon of 28 December 2002.  The system is 
combined with a commercial UHF system using an antenna for receive and another for 
transmit.  Antenna system is a Decibel, DB-404 folded dipole antenna for receive.  The 
system also has a tower top pre-amp.  This site was secured and made possible made 
possible by Art Gill, KD4KTO.



               This is two shots of the 500 Ft broadcast tower at Morehead.
                The receive antenna is a Decibel DB-404



                           This is the Newport tower at the base.




          444.125+  91.5  PL
N4HAJ Repeater

              Kornegay, NC 



This is the Kornegay site just west of Pink Hill, NC and North of Kenansville.  The repeater is a Kenwood TK-850 with a CAT-250 controller in an outside cabinet.  The DB-420 antenna system is on top of the tower 486 feet AGL.


         444.425+  88.5  PL
            N4HAJ Repeater

              Fountain, NC 






    This is the Fountain repeater.  It is a Kenwood TKR-850.
    Link radio is a Motorola M-120 with a Cat-200 controller.




This is the Fountain tower.


More pictures coming soon................

                      444.000+  100  PL 
  N4HAJ  Repeater

     Archers Lodge, Selma, NC 



          This is the GE Mastr II mobile/converted repeater
          for Archers Lodge.  It has a Motorola M-120 Link 
          radio and a Cat-200 Controller.



          This is the Archers Lodge tower.  The 6-element
          Maxrad link antenna is below the first guy wire.  
          The antenna is a DB-413 @ 250 feet on the southeast 
          side.  The antenna is shaded toward Raleigh.



          This is the Communications Building.  Space
          provided by Johnston County Communications.


more pictures coming soon. 




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