N4JDW Repeaters 
                                          Serving the Coastal Wilmington area  

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                       443.075+ 100 PL



                               This is the 443.075+ 100 PL  N4JDW repeater at the 
                               tower site in the outside cabinet.
                               It was a Motorola Quantar™  in this photo but is now a
                               Kenwood TKR-850 Repeater with plans to move in the building. 
                               It has a frequency agile link radio that is on the Raleigh
                               system.  The Linking abilities include other repeaters on the
                               Carolina 440 Link System and the PCRN Backbone.




                             This is the Decibel DB-636 / 6 db gain antenna side mounted 
                             on the north side of the tower.  The 12 element UHF yagi is 
                             up 250 feet pointed to the Raleigh area. The Link path is to the 
                             Coats site outside of Coats, N.C.





                  Here is David Wicker, N4JDW beside the 1-5/8 inch feed line that will 
                  be used on the tower.



                             This is the Sampson County tower located in the Taylor Bridge 
                             community south of Clinton.  Below is the building at the base 
                             of the tower.  The antenna system is shaded to the south 
                             with the tower structure and feed line.  


                             The Clinton repeater is located in the Taylors Bridge 
                             community off of Hwy 421 South of Clinton on the Sampson 
                             County Tower, it was placed in service in 2005.  The Amateur 
                             antenna system is at 480 feet on the North side of the tower 
                             with an expected coverage of 35 miles out with a mobile.
                             This picture was taken while it was under construction. 


                                                    On the air in June 2005.


                     more pictures coming soon. 


                      442.075+ 88.5 PL

                       N4JDW Repeater 



                                   This is the 442.075 and 145.170 Repeater cabinet 
                                   at the Wilmington tower site.  The 2 meter repeater
                                   can be linked on demand.  Both Repeaters are a
                                   Kenwood rack mount TKR series.


                                            Another shot with David, N4JDW.



                    444.175+  88.5 

                          Supply, NC 




                                This is David, N4JDW with the Supply 444.175.



                                  Supply 444.175 Cabinet in the corner.




                              This is the building and emergency generator.



                       This is the tower top, a DB-420 antenna is at 360 feet
                       and is in a elliptical pattern to the NE to SW.  This gives
                       extended coverage toward Wilmington and North Myrtle 
                       Beach, S.C.



more pictures details coming soon................



                    444.075+  88.5  PL 
                    N4JDW  Repeater 

                     Porters Neck, NC 




                                                Porters Neck Tower


                                        Porters Neck repeater cabinet.


                                            Porters Neck Repeater



 more pictures coming soon.............................. 


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