NAV-COM  Communications, LLC


     RF Communications products for two-way conventional, trunking, cellular/PCS
    and  Wi-Fi services.  A product line from companies like PCTEL, Inc.
    broadband Technology Group include Maxrad and Antenna Specialist.  
    Products also available from Antenex, Astron, Decibel, Cellwave and more.

                        RF Connectors and adapters 
                        LMR coaxial cables
                        -  Two-Way radio, Cell Phone and GPS batteries
                        -  12 volt power supplies
                         Connector installation on LMR 600 and smaller cables
                        -  Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Consulting and Install
           Specializing in commercial, public safety and amateur radio products. 


                   Tower Site Survey and testing     

    Communication Tower owners in the Raleigh, Cary, Dunn and Goldsboro, NC areas,
    we offer site visit inspections and will perform:

  FCC Quarterly tower strobe light testing with the monitoring service

Fire & Security Alarm Testing with the monitoring service

  Tower site condition, verify and install RF sign postings, gate security and 
      take photos of your tower and site. 

         This will keep the cost down for your Company with out of state 
            travel expenses by allowing us to perform these test locally for you
            and help you comply with FCC rules on tower registration 47 CFR 17.4 (g) 
            OSHA 1910.145 and FAA strobe lighting rules.


                            Contact Information:

                                Ronnie J. Casey, Owner 
FCC Call Sign: K4JDR               
                                84 Angie Road          
                                Raleigh, N.C. 27603-7336    
                           Cell: 919-219-5034 
                                e-mail: k4jdr at carolina440 dot net  



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