15  Repeaters are on the Raleigh Carolina 440 UHF Link System  full time covering 14,500 square miles  of mobile coverage.  The present total that can be linked on demand are 32 repeaters covering over 50,000 sq. miles.    

IRLP Node 4270  Used for Emergency Reflector 921 Channel 0   for local linking to repeaters outside the RF coverage. Point to Point IRLP Linking can also be done; user access codes can be requested from repeater trustees, group membership or CLICK HERE.  This VoIP technology can also be used with the emergency communications vehicles such as the CISCO, Network Emergency Response Vehicles (NERV).  See a video at this hyper link:  Cisco NERV in Johnston County. 

The UHF Link System also has EchoLink, Node 42704 and it is available to connect with other repeater systems in the US.  The Raleigh System requires a prefix code of 4 #  Then the normal node number all in one stream.  When outbound connections are made, disconnect from IRLP Reflector while using EchoLink and reconnect back to 9210 when done.  International stations are blocked and only United States, Iraq and Afghanistan connections can be made.  If you desire in bound connections to 42704 you will have to be entered into the the EchoLink security database by sending an e-mail to: k4jdr at juno.com. Give the EchoLink callsign and info in your request note. Entering TouchTone® 4 1 1 will give info over the air. 

The Cisco club repeater 444.075+ 100 PL is at RTP on the Cisco Building and can be linked to the Carolina 440 System providing additional technological abilities with Cisco including IPICS technology.
The repeaters are also used for local and regional Emergency Communications involving 
State ARES
, NWS / SKYWARN programs , (Community Emergency Response Team) CERT programs  and Amateurs in the Public Safety Sector of NC CERT (Canine Emergency Response Team) and NC USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) Task Force 8 Communications Group.  

The Emergency auto patch * 911 is available to Raleigh 911 from all local RF systems.  The local area auto patch is available through user group membership in the Raleigh system.   


Raleigh System

441.725+ 100 PL     K4JDR,   Raleigh-Fairgrounds Backbone Hub  (No Hang Time) (Antenna pattern Northeast)

442.125+ 100 PL      K4OBX    Bodie Island, NC ( Outer Banks ) *VoIP Link full time on 9210
442.250+ 107.2 PL  N1RIK,     McCain/Southern Pines, NC  
442.425+ 100 PL      K4OBX,    Buxton, NC (Outer Banks) *VoIP Link full time on 9210
443.450+  100 PL     KD4RAA,  Cane Mountain/Snow Camp,  (Antenna pattern NE )
444.025+ 100 PL      K4JDR,     Benson, NC  (90 foot ASL)
444.075+ 100 PL     KC4SCO,   RTP/Morrisville at CISCO  *VoIP Link On Demand to 9210
444.150+ 100 PL     
K4JDR,     Clayton, NC   TEMP off the air, new repeater under constr.
444.200+179.9 PL    N1RIK,     Vass, NC   
444.325+ 100 PL 
     KF4AUF,   Holly Springs, NC  
444.375+ 100 PL
     KB4WGA,  Henderson, NC (Antenna pattern NE)
444.550+ 100 PL     K4JDR,      Coats, NC  *Problems receiving, repair work Fall 2014
444.775+ 100 PL 
    K4JDR,      Cary, NC * LOW POWER 12 watts TEMPORARY backup repeater
444.875+ 100 PL     KD4RAA,   Wendell, NC  
444.925+ 94.8 PL    KB4WGA,  Durham, NC  TEMPORARILY off the link,
Looking to be back sometime in FALL 2014.
*145.330- 100 PL    K4JDR,      Goldsboro, NC (Antenna Pattern East) *VHF repeater Linked to System 
*440.800+ 100 PL     KJ4EST, Itinerant Tactical portable repeater linkable to Carolina 440/including EchoLink
*441.300+ 103.5 PL  KB4RGC, Itinerant Tactical Echo-IRLP portable repeater Node 3614, linkable to Carolina 440.


Winston Salem System *VoIP Link On Demand to 9210. http://tobaccovilleweather.com/RepeaterSystem.html 

444.750+ 100 PL    W4SNA, Sauratown Mountain, NC
* 53.310-  100 PL    W4SNA, Sauratown Mountain, NC
* 53.950-  100 PL    W4SNA, Young Mountain / Barber, NC

The Winston Salem, NC Link Systems is connected to Raleigh until 2200 hrs and reconnected
in the mornings at 0800 hrs and are full time unless special events, certain participating nets and weather conditions dictate a change.  The FNN Say Good Morning Net is Monday thru Saturday at 10:00 AM EST on Reflector 9668.

Reflector Channel Assignment:  Emergency Reflector 921 Channel 0 

Click HERE for Carolina 440 Live Audio Stream




 System Link on demand to Raleigh with Coastal and Down East Presently Down



Coastal System  * Linked on demand to Raleigh System   (Click here See Coastal Link Codes)

*Clinton Hubs Link radio is OFFLINE, will advise on list here when Link abilities to Coast are back up in 2013.

4  Repeaters are on the Coastal Link System linked on demand to Raleigh / Carolina 440 system covering  
7,100 square miles of mobile coverage.  

443.075+ 100 PL     N4JDW,   Clinton, NC Coastal Hub,  (Antenna pattern North)

444.075+ 88.5 PL    N4JDW,   Porters Neck, NC 
444.175+  88.5 PL   N4ILM,   Winnabow, NC (Antenna pattern SW ) 
444.775+ 131.8 PL  N4PLY,   Castle Hayne, NC / Wilmington, (Antenna pattern SW)


Down East System * Linked on demand to Coastal System (connected most of the time).

*Clinton Hubs Link radio is OFFLINE, will advise on list here when Link abilities to Coast are back up.

9  Repeaters on the Down East Link System   linked on demand to the Coastal / Raleigh system covering  
8,000 square miles  of mobile coverage.

442.000+ 88.5 PL     N4HAJ,     Kinston, NC  Down East Hub  (Antenna pattern SE) 

442.075+ 100 PL      N4HAJ,    New Bern, NC (Antenna pattern omni)
444.000+ 131.8 PL  KD4KTO,  Stacy, NC  
444.000+ 100 PL    
N4HAJ,    Archers Lodge, NC (Antenna Pattern South)
444.125+  91.5 PL   
N4HAJ,     Kornegay, NC  
444.425+ 88.5 PL   
N4HAJ,     Fountain, NC / Farmville
444.675+ 88.5 PL    N4HAJ,   Jacksonville/Hubert, NC  (Antenna pattern WSW)
444.725+ 91.5 PL    N4HAJ,    Greenville, NC  
444.825+ 88.5 PL     N4HAJ,     Newport, NC 

* When the Raleigh, Down East and Coastal systems are linked together it covers over 30,000 square miles as shown on coverage map. 

When the Winston Salem, NC System is linked the coverage extends to the North, Northeast and West of Raleigh covering over 50,000 square miles in NC, SC and Va.



Click here for a I-40 travel list document from RDU to Wilmington.

Click here for a I-40 travel list
document from RDU to Morehead City

Coastal Link Codes    Coastal Link Codes document

Click here for a present coverage map with tower locations and the mobile coverage. (Dotted lines not on link yet)

Click here for a Down East Map  with the future UHF repeater expansion. (Areas shown in dotted line)

Click here for the Down East only repeater map 
  Showing the down east mobile repeater coverage.


Coming in the future expansion on the UHF Link System

*bold print on the frequency indicates that the repeater on the air now but not on the link yet.

443.675+ 146.2 PL   N4TCP, Cleveland/Clayton, (Antenna pattern east) *on demand VoIP Link  

  Coming in future, VoIP Link on demand to Charlotte Metro


Other Repeaters & Projects 

Carolina 440 Hub Streaming Audio Feed
There is a Live Streaming Audio Feed of the system on the Radio Reference web site.  The feed is provided by
group and hosted by Vinny, N2RTF in Clayton, NC.

VHF Repeater

145.330 - 100 PL  K4JDR Goldsboro, NC   

The Goldsboro/Rosewood repeater is on the link full time.  It covers all of Wayne County with mobile coverage
and covers up to 28 miles out.  The antenna is 275 feet on the 40° east-northeast side of the tower.  440 Link functions are available on the repeater to access IRLP, EchoLink and control.

VHF Repeater

224.700+ 88.5 PL  K4JDR, Coats/Benson (Antenna pattern omni with shading to the north-northeast toward Raleigh/Garner, Stand alone 1.25 cm with remote base to the UHF link system on demand if needed.  Tri-County Repeater Association/K4JDR-KD4RAA Repeater Group supported repeater.  
Repeater on the air Sept. 26, 2004.  Click here for pictures.   OFFLINE for repairs

HF 10 Meter Beacon
28.298.8 mhz
10_meter_beacon details

The Carolina 440 feed URL is: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?feedId=9770 

NOAA Weather Radio audio stream
The Weather Radio Station WNG-706 located near Garner, NC on 162.450 mhz is broadcasted over the 
internet.  Weather Underground  has a list of cities throughout the US with NOAA Weather audio streams.  
We have a weather Alert Radio interfaced through a weather station computer hosted by Ronald Ford, W4RJF using Oddcast ver 3 software.  

The WX radio URL is: http://audioplayer.wunderground.com/K4JDR/Garner.mp3.m3u 

Ronnie, W4RJF also provides the McGee's Crossroads Weather at: http://www.i40exit319weather.com/   

The Carolina 440 Weather page is at: http://www.carolina440.net/weatherstation.html  

Carolina 440 Linking Plans for Interoperable Communications

( Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio )

The 441.725+ 100 PL repeater is the Backbone Hub for the Carolina 440 UHF Link System and Emergency 
VoIP system (IRLP)® and (EchoLink)®, its controller is what supports the auto patch and other advanced functions for the Carolina 440 Link System.  This system is what we call our Voice Interoperability System for 
Amateur Radio, VISAR©.  

We have provided a list of the "Repeaters on the Link"  with their geographical location to guide you on what repeater would be best for you, based on your location.   The future plans are to link several more UHF repeaters by RF Link and use the Voice Over IP Link systems on demand to further extend the link system out of its RF Coverage during emergencies.  There are three systems that can be linked all together via RF, the Coastal Link System Hub repeater is in Clinton. The Down East Link System Hub repeater is located in Kinston.  See the repeater list for the frequencies that will be on the system.  

Experimentation on other UHF linking possibilities will take place and it is subject to change.  We 
are going to try and cover as much as we can to the Raleigh Backbone Hub and further extend NC, SC, Va systems with IRLP using Reflector 921 Channel 0.  

Click on the Tiles for additional Links and photos:


Repeater Listings Click Here and "Enter Carolina 440 on the search"

Handout repeater list document


   rev   Jan 2014 ~ K4JDR   A copy or this flyer can be obtained at: http://www.carolina440.net/carolina_440_handout.pdf 

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