Code Plugs with DMR and Analog Repeaters Raleigh, NC Area

Radioddity GD-77 Dual Band Radio      https://www.radioddity.com/radioddity_download/

Assure you have the  GD-77 Update Firmware V3.0.6 & Software V2.0.5

Connect Systems: http://www.connectsystems.com/

    Radio type                                               Download

Radioddity GD-77                               
GD-77 Raleigh-Carolina 440   Raleigh, Cary, Hillsborough, Sanford, Goldsboro, Wilmington and Jacksonville.

Connect Systems CS-700                     CS-700 Raleigh-Carolina440    NC, SC, Va.

Connect Systems CS-750                     CS-750 Raleigh-Carolina440    NC, SC, Va.

Connect Systems CS-800                     CS-800 UHF_Raleigh-Carolina440  NC, SC, Va.

Connect Systems CS800D                    CS-800D Raleigh-Carolina440  NC, SC, Va.

Anytone D878-UV                               2019-Jan-PRN-Code-Plug-For-AnyTone-686-v233.rdt    NC, SC, Va, Carolina 440, SCHEARTS, Raleigh area 

Also see NCPRN web site for DMR Code Plug Downloads at:   http://ncprn.net/?page_id=36

Hot Spot DMR TGIF talk Group 440.  See TGIF Network at:  http://tgif.network/talkgroups.php 

Please Note:
These Code Plugs have been put together by local Amateurs.  CS-800D and AnyTone D878UV Ryan Avery, NC4RA. 
CS-700, GD-77 Ronnie J. Casey, K4JDR, CS-750 Steve Stark, NI4J and all touched up slightly by all of the above.

Be sure to program your radio properly according to manufacturers software instructions and use these Code Plugs as a base template and add additional to fit your needs.   Remember to add your DMR ID.

AnyTone AT-878UV Modification and info page:   http://members.optuszoo.com.au/jason.reilly1/868mods.htm

Thanks and enjoy! 

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Ronnie J. Casey • K4JDR at juno.com • 84 Angie Road Raleigh, NC 27603-7336
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